Keith Adams
Vice President
Scott Adams
Bryan Parrish

Hocking River Bassmasters
Tournament Rules:

1. All Club tournaments are catch and release unless money tournaments are used as club tournaments. If money tournaments are used, no one shall partner with a non-club member and leave a club member without a ride. Money tournament rules supersede club tournament rules.

2. Tournament will have a 5 fish limit. Minimum length shall be 12 inches. All measurements will be verified by partner and measured down to the nearest ¼ of an inch (ex: 14 3/8” will score as 14 ¼”, 15” will be scored as 15”). All fish will be measured on a board capable of measuring in at least ¼” increments. (No guessing) In the event a club member is fishing alone he shall keep his fish in the livewell until the length can be verified by another club member. (Unless the body of water is mandatory catch and release.)

3. All fish will be caught in a sporting manner with no Trolling, Strolling or Live bait being allowed. Drift fishing is permitted.

4. Each year the club membership will determine the number of tournaments used to qualify a 6 man team for the Northern Qualifier. The Tournament Committee will decide the tournament locations and dates.

5. All scoring will be done on the official club score card used by Hocking River Bassmasters. Place points will be based on a scoring system starting with 30 points for first, 29 for second, etc. At the year end the top 3 placers will be boaters, next 3 placers will be non-boaters. If needed non-boaters can move to boater slot starting with place 4, then 5, then 6.

6. Tie breaker for club tournaments will be biggest fish, if still tied then fisherman will share spot and get same amount of points. Tie breaker for year end standing will be as follows: 1. Most fish caught in tournaments used for scoring. 2. Biggest fish in tournaments used for scoring.

7. No alcohol at tournament site.

8. Boat will be used on a 50/50 basis, non-boater gets the front of the boat ½ the time. The operator of the trolling motor is expected to be aware of his partner’s presence in the boat and not put him in a position of disadvantage.

9. Only one line may be out at a time, if hung on bank retrieve lure before throwing another line.